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Our Vision

Defending Human Dignity and the Right to be Safe, Empowered, and Free from Sexual Exploitation

The Context

‘Girls account for the majority of victims of child abuse and exploitation, although boys are increasingly at risk as well. Prior abuse and family dysfunction may elevate the risk of victimization, particularly for commercial sexual exploitation of children. Poverty and migration and social isolation can also have negative repercussions on patterns of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Very young children are increasingly victimized by child sexual abuse material and child sex trafficking and exploitation. Adolescents face the highest risk of cyber enticement, exposure to harmful material and cyberbullying. Children who engage in risky online behavior and inattention to online safety and privacy face a higher risk of exploitation, cyber enticement, solicitation or grooming.’  UNODC Study on the Effects of New Information Technologies on the Abuse and Exploitation of Children

The safety and flourishing of women and children is our primary concern

Of course child rape cannot be separated from the sex trade, just as trafficking cannot be. The sex trade will cease to function if its capacity to source desperate and vulnerable women and girls to be sold to men is frustrated‘ — Julie Bindel, The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth p. 297.

Our Mission

The Pinion Project joins with this global movement of people seeking to research and expose the links between all forms of sexual exploitation. Our mission is to re-frame the public debate in South Africa by engaging those particular aspects of culture that fuel the demand for abuse.