About Us

Research – Re-frame – Restore

The Pinion Project recognises the human dignity of all people. We are therefore committed to identify all forms of vulnerability and exploitation. We stand for the right of men, women and children, to live their lives to their fullest potential without harm or intimidation.

Our priority attention is focused on opposing:

Sex Trafficking of Adults and Children

Sexualization of Children



Violence Against Women

Sexually Oriented Businesses

Sexual Coercion

As the threat of sexual exploitation escalates, the Pinion Project seeks to shed light on the social and structural drivers that fuel vulnerability. Our focus is to inform and educate communities by engaging with parents, guardians, child educators and civil society in combating the attack on parents and children. The Pinion Project joins with this global movement of people seeking to research and understand the links between all forms of vulnerability and exploitation. Our mission is to re-frame the public debate in South Africa by engaging those particular aspects of culture that fuel the demand for abuse.

We do this through research and networking aimed at identifying existing and unique areas of vulnerability in communities and various other social contexts (by way of surveys and relationships) to provide vital data to stakeholders.

We endeavor to provide thought leadership that helps grassroots movements scale and deepen their impact via social media, our blog, and documentaries. This is to help empower leaders by providing relevant material and consultation to address new and evolving vulnerabilities.

Providing a support system for anyone who needs help or protection.

The safety and flourishing of men, women and children is our primary concern. We are committed to reach, serving and love this generation. If you are interested in partnering with us or would like us to serve your community in this very important mission, please contact us.

Pinion Project is a network partner with The National Freedom Network (NFN). The NFN is a group of people and organisations in different places around South Africa, who work together against human trafficking. Pinion Project has also been approved for the Global Modern Slavery Directory (GMSD).  The Pinion Project is also thankful to be working with B4Secure in ‘Intelligence – led’ campaigning regarding Human Trafficking in SA. Preliminary analysis shows sex trafficking & child exploitation are the predominant types of HT in SA.

Carol and Dieter Lubbe are the founding directors of the Pinion Project. They have been married for over 25 years with two children. Carol and Dieter share a broad background in missions, education, broadcast television and research. With this broad background they endeavor to serve the global movement of people seeking to research and expose the links between all forms of sexual exploitation.

With Dawn Hawkins - VP at National Center on Sexual Exploitation

With Steve and Louise Swart - ACDP

With Vanessa Chetty - Project Hope

With Cause for Justice and iMe Movement

With Stop Trafficking of People and Hands 4 Hearts