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Every individual has an inherent dignity and is endowed with the right to be free from sexual exploitation, objectification, and violence. You can make a once off donation or preferably partner with us on a monthly basis. Your donation makes a difference.

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You can make a difference in the movement to defend human dignity

The The Pinion Project is dedicated to addressing the full spectrum of social harms that emerge from all forms of sexual exploitation. Members of this movement confront those organizations, individuals and companies contributing to or facilitating sexual exploitation. We use our united voices to demand changes in policies, actions and attitudes.

Your support enables Pinion Project to research and provide resource for grass-root activists and opinion leaders. In addition, your financial contributions support the South African movement to End Sexual Exploitation -  working together to fight for human dignity. By partnering with Pinion Project you can help change exploitative policies, provide hope for individuals & families, and shape our culture.