The idea of Pornography as speech worthy of protection, is not intuitive to the majority of people. With that said, we recommend this interview with Rae Langton (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge) by Sarah-Jane Leslie (Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University) - Pornography, Speech and Silence Here. TWe trust that this short interview will provide an overview of some of the philosophic thinking behind this significant debate. Furthermore, objectification and projection are words often used in the discussion of sexual exploration. Rae Langton and Sarah-Jane Leslie talk about this important subject here.


Comprehensive Sexuality Education

The Department of Basic Education (“DBE”) is set to roll out Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools from the beginning of 2020 in South Africa. Parents, as a particular stakeholder group, were NOT involved OR consulted in the development of the new content for Sexuality Education for school grades.

Please See the Cause for Justice Education Blog on the subject: Here for detailed information.

Useful Links:

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13. Re-Examining the Evidence for Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools: Here

Adult Prostitution

Our Joint Submission Regarding The South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) Report 107 on Adult Prostitution.  On the invitation of the Multi-Party Women’s Caucus (MPWC) opened 25 October and closed 27 October 2017 (Subsequently Extended to 5 March 2018). Download

Articles from our partners National Freedom Network

Beatri Kruger - Towards a sharp prosecution sword to combat human trafficking: comparing the new South African counter-trafficking law with international prosecution standards (Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Vol 49 Issue 1 Pages 53-84) Download

Marcel van der Watt - Investigating human trafficking for sexual exploitation: from ‘lived experiences’ towards a complex systems understanding. Here

More resources from the National Freedom Network Here.

Some resources from The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE)

Booklet - PROSTITUTION: “The Zone” of Raw Male Physical and Sexual Violence. Download

Rae Langton & Sarah-Jane Leslie - Pornography, Speech and Silence

Comprehensive Sexuality Education in South Africa, where things stand (7.09 min)

Comprehensive Sexuality Education in South Africa

War on Children: Perverse Sexual Agenda